November 28th 2021

Vi ser meget frem til at spille i Stubsalen på Tobaksgården i Assens lørdag d. 11. dec. kl. 19. Ikke mindst fordi, det bliver vores første koncert siden vi indspillede vores 2. album 'Self-Igniting Trash Facility' tilbage i vinteren 2020! 
Koncerten præsenteres af Assens Musikskole og er støttet af Assens Kommunes sommerpulje for 2021. 
Tilmelding nødvendig. 58kr. plus gebyr. Under 18 år gratis adgang. 

Billetter samt opdateringer om krav vedrørende coronapas her:

August 7th 2020

We're very happy to announce the arrival date of our 2nd. album! First single off the album, which will be entitled 'Self-Igniting Trash Facility', is set to release on Wednesday August 19th 2020 and it is the title track. The album will be available as streaming and download.

February 14th 2020

Long time no see! We have just completed a three days recordingsession last week! Meaning that our next release is on it's way. It should be out no later than late summer 2020. :) We have had some really good and fun working days in the studio together, along with sound engineer Jesper Malling. Over the next months it will be mixed, mastered etc. And other things needs an adjustment before we have a release date. Stay tuned..

May 9th 2018

Yo! We will open the jamsession @ Studenterhuset here in Odense tomorrow Thursday May 10th. at 20:30! Free jam afterwards! Come hang out! :-)

February 5th 2018

Big thanks to all who showed up at Momentum on Friday February 2. :-)

January 24th 2018

Livegigs coming up in February! On 2/2 at 8.30pm we'll do a 'Vinterjazz 2018' gig @ Teater Momentum in Odense. And on 16/2 at 8pm. we'll support DJ Raske Penge (Ras Money) @ Jazzhouse Pitstop in Kolding! We're ready! :-)

October 31st 2017

Lagoon At Noon will open jam-session in Fredericia @ Tøjhuset on dec. 15. at 3pm. Jam afterwards until 5pm. Come and join us. :-) See facebookevent here:

September 9th 2017

Had some great fun at the amfitheater stage on Saturday august 26 in odense. There's a few pics in the Media section. 

August 17th 2017

We'll perform live @ Odense Spoken Word Festival on Saturday august 26 at 4pm - 5pm. It's for free! Hope to see you! :-)

July 3rd 2017

Three live-dates has been added to our calendar, and we're looking forward to do some concerts again. (Times @ Studenterhuset and @ Mandagsklubben to be confirmed). Besides that, Frederik writes new music and our site has been updated. Later this summer we'll do a new photosession. Which will not be a January session like last time.. :)

April 3rd 2017

Our first album review is by danish jazzblogger Niels Overgård at Jazznyt. Niels Overgård highlights the on-going happy vibe during the album and says that "The collaboration between Frederik Christiansen and Andreas Bøttiger sparkles". We thank him for the kind words.

April 3rd 2017

Had so much fun playing at Café Retro in Copenhagen on friday march 31. Thanks to all who dropped by. The staff asked us to come back. :-)

March 3rd 2017

We're happy to announce, that we will play live at Cafe Retro in Copenhagen on friday march 31 2017 @ 21:00. Facebook link:

February 26th 2017

We've been played quiet a lot on the radio lately on DR P8, sending our tune Maj Regn to the top among their "most played" tracks. Other of our tracks has also been played. -We have updated our homepage. Hope you like it. :-) -Anders and Frederik have regular band meetings and Frederik is writing new music again.

December 25th 2016

We have been played in P8 jazz a few times now, in various programs. P8 jazz is the main radiostation in Denmark for jazz related music, run by the danish national radio DR.

December 18th 2016

Today our saxophonist Andreas Bøttiger won the title as "Årets fynske jazzmusiker 2016" -Jazz Musician of the Year on Funen 2016. The prize is given each year by "Foreningen af fynske jazz musikere" (The union of Funen jazz musicians) to a musician, who work hard and strive for the jazz community. The union find that Andreas Bøttiger continuingly keeps improving on his instrument every time you hear him. He is active in various groups and formats. He leads a monthly jamsession at the studenthouse in Odense and he inspires other local musicians. The prize was given at Musikhuset Dexter and led by Tiptoe Bigband whom he also performed with. -We congratulate him!

November 29th 2016

A few new video live sessions recorded at our rehearsing room will be released soon. First one out already. See the "music" page.

October 19th 2016

Release concert went well. About 60 people in the audience and wdeployed the record from start to finish live. The album can be purchased on iTunes or as a physical album through this link:

August 23rd 2016

Received the CD's today. 300 copies. Which is several days before the release on september 25th. Two days to be precise..! Well, we made it :-)

August 3rd 2016

Album is almost done now. We're working on the record cover and cd production stuff to get ready for release in the early autumn.

June 15th 2016

Our forthcoming debut album is in the mix -and mastering phase. Mixed now by Jesper Malling. Mastering at the end of june by Peter Hellesoe. They are two locals and really good ones from Odense.


Lagoon at Noon is a band from Odense who plays unpretentious jazz-rock and at times, lazy atmospheric music with a Scandinavian melodic feel. Lagoon at Noon are Frederik Christiansen (guitar), Andreas Bøttiger (tenor saxophone), Mariusz Praśniewski (bass) and Anders Lindhardt Madsen (drums).

They’ve met each other through their studies at the conservatory in Odense. Their debut album "Don´t Pour Water In Your Kazoo" was released on Gateway music September 25th 2016 and it has been well received on DR P8. Andreas Bøttiger is awarded “Jazzmusician of the year on Funen 2016"